Subcarpathian - Rzeszów, Jaroslaw, Krosno, Przemyśl, Beskid mountains, Sanok, Bieszczady National Park

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General information

This region gets its name from its location: at the foot of the Carpathian mountains. In the past, it had been an area that was on major trading lines, which leads to the fact that you can see influences from different cultures in various towns and cities. The Subcarpathian area is not overrun with tourists, but it is a good destination for people who like going into the mountains. The cities and towns in the region also have as much to offer as the more popular tourist cities.

Traveling to and within the area

Getting into the region is reasonably easy as national and international airlines fly into the Jasionka International Airport. Travelling within the region is not as easy as in more touristy regions, but you should still not find it too hard. There are good train connections between the cities and some smaller towns, and also a fairly good bus system.

Local specialties

This area has historically been famous for their wickerwork (there is even a wickerwork trail route that you could follow if you are interested in these things. The Subcarpathian region of Poland is definitely the place to go if you would also like to buy some high quality wickerwork as a souvenir or as a gift for family and friends.

Sights, places, and activities you should not miss

  • Rzeszów: Rzeszów is the capital of the Subcarpathian region of Poland, and the most likely starting point for this region as this is where the international airport is located. You should also spend a few days in this city as there are some interesting points of interest. You could visit the 16th century Lubomirskis Castle on the edge of the town (you can't go in, but you can walk around it), the Lubomirskis Summer Palace, the Sts. Stanislaw and Adalbert Parish Church, the Town Hall, the old graveyard from the 18th century, and the Revolutionary Act Monument from 1974. If you would like to learn more about the region, then you should take advantage of some of the museums in Rzeszów. There are also some quite unusual museums like the dairy museum, the museum of bedtime cartoons, and the ethnographic museum.

  • Jaroslaw is a lovely renaissance town that was founded in the 11th century. Points of interest are the Dominican Church and Monastery, the Greek Catholic Transfiguration Church, the city fortifications, the synagogue, the Benedictine Abbey, the Corpus Christi Collegiate Church, and the lovely town hall which is located at the market square.

  • Krosno was once an important center of art, and is still the place to go to if you would like to buy fine glassware in Poland. Krosno counts as one of the best places to live in Poland, and it is also a rather pleasant place to visit even though it might not be the most exciting place for tourists.

  • Przemyśl is located in a very good strategic position which turned it into an important place in the past. It also is the second oldest city in Poland (with the oldest one being Krakow). This alone turns it into a city you should visit. The city offers some very interesting museums like the Museum of Bells and Pipes, the Archdiocesan Museum, the Museum of Applied Art, and the National Museum Branch. But of course, there are also some lovely sights to visit during your stay. Some of the sights you should not miss are the Baroque Franciscan Church, the main market square, the Cathedral, the castle from the 14th century, the reformed Franciscan monastery, and the military cemetery.

  • For some lovely hiking, you should head to the Beskid mountains which are a part of the Carpathian mountains.

  • Sanok, which is located at the lovely San River, is a great place for people who would like to combine culture with stunning landscapes. While you are in Sanok, you should visit the famous museum Skansen (well, at least it's famous within Poland), the Queen Bona castle, and walk around to explore the Jewish history of the place. It is a great town to just explore on foot. Once you had your fill of culture, you can head to the close Bieszczady National Park.

  • Bieszczady National Park: This national park is the third largest of its kind in Poland. There are not many people living in this area, only about one person per square kilometer. This means that the region is a paradise for wildlife, and if you are lucky, quiet and patient, you might get to see quite a variety of animals. It is a lovely part of Poland and going there can be a very invigorating experience.