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Polish Baby Boy Names

Polish Baby Name Generator

Unique Polish Boy Names & Meanings


Abel (Breath, Vapour)

Abram (Father of many nations)

Adalbert (Intelligent, noble)

Ala (Truthful, noble)

Albin (White, bright)

Aleksander (Defending men)  

Aleksy (Defender of mankind)

Alfons (Noble, ready)

Alfred (Elf counsel)

Alojzy (Famous warrior)

Amadeusz (God's love)

Ambrozy (Immortal)

Anastazy (Resurrection)

Anatol (Sunrise)

Andrea (Manly, beautiful)

Andrzej (Manly)  

Antoni (Priceless)  

Apolinary (Of Apollo)

Apoloniusz (Of Apollo)

Arkadiusz (Of Arcadia)

Artur (Noble)  

Augustyn (Venerable)

Aureliusz (Golden)


Bartek (Son of Talmai)

Bartomiej (Son of Talmai)

Bartosz (Son of Talmai)  

Bažej (Talks with a lisp)

Bazyli (Royalty)  

Benedykt (Blessed)  

Bernard (Bold as a bear)  

Bogumi (God-favor)

Bogusaw (God-glory)

Bohdan (Gods gift)

Bolesaw (Large glory)

Bonifacy (Good destiny/fate)

Borys (Fighter, warrior)

Boydar (Divine gift)

Bratomi (Brother's favor)

Bratumi (Brother's favor)

Bronisaw (Glorious protector)


Celestyn (Heavenly)

Cezary (Hairy)

Cibor (Battle of honor)

Cyprian (From Cyprus)

Cyryl (Lord)

Czcibor (Battle of honor)

Czesaw (Honor and glory)


Dagobert (Shining sun)

Danek (God is my judge)

Daniel (God is my Judge)  

Darek (Gifted ruler)

Daria (He who holds firm the good)

Dariusz (Possesses a lot; wealthy)

Dawid (Beloved)  

Dobieslaw (Striving for glory)

Dobrogost (Kind guest)

Dobromi (Kind and gracious)

Dobrosaw (Good glory)

Dominik (Belongs to the lord)  

Donat (Given by God)

Dymek (Of the earth)


Egbert (Sword, famous, shiny)

Egidiusz (Kid, young goat)

Egmont (Weapon, defender)

Elbert (Bright, famous)

Eldwin (Old friend)

Elgar (Noble warrior)

Eliasz (The Lord is my God)  

Eligiusz (To choose)

Emeryk (Work-power)

Ernest (Earnest, vigorous)  

Eryk (Eternal ruler)  

Eugeniusz (Well born)  

Eustachy (Fruitful)


Felicjan (Happy or lucky)

Feliks (Happy or lucky)  

Feodor (God's gift)

Ferdynand (Ardent for peace)  

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Filip (Lover of horses)  

Flawiusz (Blond)

Florek (Blooming or flowering)

Florentyn (Blooming or flowering)

Florian (Flower)

Franciszek (French)  

Fryderyk (Peaceful ruler)

Frydryk (Peaceful ruler)