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Kacper (Treasure bearer)

Kai (Fort)

Kajetan (From Caieta Gaeta, Italy)

Kamil (Perfect)

Karol (Man)  

Kasia (Alert)

Kasper (A treasured secret)

Kazimierz (Commands peace)

Klaudiusz (Lame)

Klemens (Merciful, mild)

Klimek (Gentle and merciful)

Kondrat (Bold counsel)

Konstanty (Steadfast)  

Konstantyn (Steadfast)

Kornel (Ivory colored)

Korneliusz (Of a horn)  

Kosmy (Universe)

Krystian (Believer)  

Krystyn (Believer)

Krzysztof (Christ-bearer)  

Ksawery (A new house)

Kuba (Supplanter)

Kulbart (Calm or bright)

Kulbert (Calm or bright)


Lambart (Light of land)

Lambert (Light of land)

Lech (Uncultivated field)

Lechosaw (Polish glory or Lechs glory)

Len (Lion-hearted)

Lenard (Lion-hearted)

Leo (Lion-hearted)

Leon (Lion-hearted)

Leonard (Lion-hearted)  

Leopold (Prince of the people)

Lesaw (Lechs glory)

Leszek (A pole)

Lew (Famous warrior)  

Longin (Long)

Lubomierz (Love-famous)

Lubomir (Loves peace)

Luboslaw (Lover of glory)

Lucjan (Bringer of light)

Ludmi (Peoples' favor)

Ludwig (Famous warrior)

Ludwik (Famous fighter)  

Luitpold (Bold leader)

Lukasz (Excellent)  

Lutera (Warrior)


Maciej (Gift of God)

Makary (Blessed)

Maksym (The greatest)

Maksymilian (The greatest rival)

Mandek (Army man)

Marceli (Defense or of the sea)

Marcin (Warlike)  

Marek (Defense or of the sea)  

Marian (Mateusz)

Mariusz (Male, virile)

Martyn (Of / like Mars)

Mateusz (Gift of God)  

Maurycy (Dark-skinned; Moor)  

Max (Greatest)

Mcisaw (Vengeance-glory)

Melchior (City of the King)

Metody (Method)

Mieczysaw (Man of glory or sword of glory)

Mieszko (Who is like God)

Mikolaj (Victor of the people)  

Miogost (Favorable guest or graceful guest)

Miosaw (Favor glory)

Miosz (Favor glory)

Mirosaw (Peace-glory)


Nacek (Fire)

Narcyz (Numbness; sleep)

Natalia (Christmas Day)

Natan (Gift from God)  

Nelek (Like a horn)

Nikifor (Victory-bearer)

Nikodem (Victory of the people)

Norbert (North bright)


Olek (Defender of men)

Onufry (Peaceful strenth)

Oskar (God's spear)  

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Patryk (Of noble descent)  

Pawe (Small)

Piotr (Rock, stone)  

Piotrek (Rock)

Prokop (In great abundance)

Prym (First)

Przemek (Bright thinker)

Przemko (Bright thinker)

Przemys (Trick, stratagem)

Przemysaw (Bright thinker)


Racaw (Happy glory)

Radomi (Happy favor)

Radosaw (Happy glory)

Radzimierz (Happy peace)

Rafa (Healed of God)

Rocisaw (Usurp-glory)

Roman (A citizen of the Roman Empire)

Rostek (Usurp-glory)

Ryszard (Powerful ruler)  


Sawomir (Glorious peace)

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Sebastian (Venerable; revered)  

Serafin (Burning one or serpent)

Sergiusz (Sergeant)

Seweryn (Stern)

Sobiesaw (Usurper of glory)

Stan (Glory)

Stanisaw (Glorious government)

Stefan (Crown)  

Sulisaw (Better fame)

Sylwester (From the forest)

Szczepan (Crown)

Szczsny (Lucky)

Szymon (Hearkening)  


Tadeusz (Courageous, large-hearted)  

Teodor (Gods gift)  

Teofil (Friend of God)

Tobiasz (God is good)

Tolek (God's gift)

Tomasz (Twin)

Tomek (Twin)

Tymon (Honor)

Tymoteusz (To honor God)  

Tytus (Fire; to burn)


Ulryk (Prosperity and power)

Urjasz (Flame of Jehovah)


Wacaw (More glory)

Wadysaw (Rules with glory)

Waldemar (Famous ruler)

Walenty (Healthy, strong)

Walentyn (Healthy or strong)

Waleran (To be strong)

Walerian (To be healthy, to be strong)

Walery (To be healthy, to be strong)

Wawrzyniec (Of Laurentum)

Wenczeslaw (Glory of the Wends)

Wicek (Conquering)

Wicent (Conquering)

Wicenty (Conquering)

Wielisaw (Great glory)

Wienczyslaw (Glory of the Wends)

Wiesaw (Great glory)

Wiktor (Conqueror)  

Wilek (Resolute protector)

Wincent (Conquering)  

Wincenty (Conqueror)

Wisaw (Great glory)

Wit (Life)

Witod (Ruler of the)

Wodzimierz (Peaceful ruler)

Wodzisaw (Rules with glory)

Wojciech (Consolation-soldier)

Wojtek (Consolation-soldier)


Zachariasz (Whom Jehovah remembered)  

Zbigniew (Dispeller of anger)

Zdzisaw (Here is glory)

Ziemowit (Lord of the family)

Zygfryd (Victory-peace)

Zygmunt (Victory-protection)